St. Philip's College 2019 President's Lecture Series: "The Three Doctors"


From St. Philip's College news release:

A Princeton internist, a Colombia dental professor and an ER physician will herald the return of students and the community to the campus of St. Philip's College for learning this fall during the college's President's Lecture Series event with free admission and parking Sept. 19 at 11 a.m. in the 600-seat Watson Fine Arts Center at 1801 Martin Luther King Drive.

While questions currently being collected online at the college will eventually be addressed by The Three Doctors during their event in the center, the trio of doctors are part of a project that commemorates the 70th and 50th anniversaries of several health professions programs at the 121-year-old college through intimate in-lab addresses to both health professions students and faculty, prior to the 11 a.m. event in the center.

During the Sept. 19 event, The Three Doctors---who are also authors---follow in the tradition of Hidden Figures author and 2018 season lecturer Margot Lee Shetterly in making their Historically Black College and Universities Week and Hispanic Serving Institutions Week speaking debuts at the nation’s only HBCU member institution with HSI member institution status---in the nation’s largest Hispanic-majority population city. Their President’s Lecture Series project of seminars and lectures in labs, auditoriums and e-viewing rooms promises guests a dynamic mix of physical and virtual presentations.

Sharing a universal message that resonates with students and the general public even if the message was delivered by a single accomplished individual, three doctors will empower local students and community members to bring their energies to scale.

Drs. Sampson Davis, Rameck Hunt, and George Jenkins are fondly known as “The Three Doctors.” They serve as faces of health and education for youth and families by communicating with people nationwide. A team of published educators, medical professionals and education-health-social science communicators, they urge people to trust self-reliance and inner strength in developing a strategic plan for carrying out long-term goals in life. When they state long-term, they refer to goals established in childhood and realized in adulthood.

Today, Dr. Hunt is both a board-certified internist at Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center and assistant professor of medicine at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Dr. Jenkins serves as assistant professor of clinical dentistry at Columbia University. Dr. Davis is a board-certified emergency medicine physician at St. Michael’s Medical Center in Newark, New Jersey.

But neither Hunt, Jenkins nor Davis arrived at their life-saving positions in society without decades-long strength-testing journeys most of the students and community members they will address on Sept. 19 are already familiar with as they hope to rise from the challenging inner city or rural circumstances of San Antonio to success approaching or exceeding the accomplishments of the trio. Reminding all that youthful choices and decisions matter, these speakers who are actually childhood friends will share how they kept childhood promises to themselves regarding their collective and individual futures. With each public appearance, they relive collective dreams and commitments they have yet to retire from, and are actually modifying to greater perfection as they mature.

Comparatively unique in the publishing world, The Three Doctors have co-authored a whopping three New York Times-bestselling autobiographies---each with its own generational  focus. The trilogy includes The Pact: Three Young Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a Dream (for adults---2002), then We Beat the Street: How a Friendship Pact Led to Success (for children---2005), and finally, 2007’s The Bond, which highlights fatherhood relationships. Giving back through the 11-year-old nonprofit The Three Doctors Foundation, youth and families in the New York/New Jersey area have benefited since the global financial crisis era from the trio’s free health, education and mentoring programs.

The Three Doctors were honored for excellence by the National Civil Rights Museum (2012), received the prestigious Essence Award (2000) for accomplishments and leadership, and are 2009 recipients of a BET Honors Award. From The Oprah Winfrey Show to Tom Joyner Morning Show and CNN, the team speaks to global audiences as subject matter experts in health, education and youth mentoring.

About the St. Philip’s College President’s Lecture Series: From La Var Burton (2016) to four original 1961 Mississippi Freedom Riders (2011) and FUBU founder and Shark Tank cast member Daymond John (2014), The Honorable Dr. Richard Carmona, 17th Surgeon General of the United States (2014) to The Honorable Julian Bond (2015), Hidden Figures author Margot Lee Shetterly (2018) and The Three Doctors (2019), the St. Philip’s College President’s Lecture Series provides live, in-depth opportunities for the college and community to hear noted speakers’ perspectives on local and global issues. Each guest traditionally provides two classroom seminars for college students and meetings with host St. Philip’s College President Dr. Adena Williams Loston and her leadership team, followed by a public seminar in the college’s Watson Fine Arts Center and streamed within the campus. The forum is free and educates students, faculty and staff from the college in addition to community members. Call lecture series committee chair Christina Cortez at (210) 486-2894 for details on the lecture series. Place seating reservations and ask questions of upcoming speakers online, on demand now.


About St. Philip’s College: Founded in 1898, St. Philip’s College is a multi-campus member of the nation’s first community college system to earn the Baldrige National Quality Award (2018), and Saint Artemisia Bowden led the nondenominational public college for 52 years (1902–1954). Today, St. Philip’s College is both a Historically Black Colleges and Universities member institution and a Hispanic Serving Institution with global business units, serving a semester enrollment of about 13,000 credit students. Find SPC online at