The 21st United San Antonio Pow Wow


Mission County Park
6030 Padre Dr
San Antonio, TX 78214
United States

The 21st United San Antonio Pow Wow is FREE and appropriate for people of all ages. This year’s event takes place less than a month after millions got a glimpse of the colorful traditions at the first ever NBA Indigenous Night featuring the Spurs vs Miami Heat. 


The Pow Wow is a celebration of traditions which began around 1877. During the Pow Wow, wisdom passes from the elders to the children.  This year, in addition to the traditional ceremonial prayers, dancing, drumming, foods and crafts, there will be a voter registration booth, plus census outreach.  As the National Urban Indian Family Coalition Executive Director, Janeen Comenote, recently said as part of a nationwide meeting held in San Antonio, “Native people had the highest undercount in the 2010 Census which has direct bearing on resource distribution, policy and districting. There is a critically important connection between civic engagement, the Census and positive policy outcomes for our people.”