3rd Annual National Speakers Luncheon

The Friends of CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Foundation present their 3rd annual National Speakers Luncheon featuring Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger,III as the keynote. He’s best known for safely landing a plane in the Hudson River in 2009, the “Miracle on the Hudson,” but Sullenberger is also a best-selling author, lecturer and safety expert and will address what the health care industry can learn from aviation. The luncheon will also honor this years’ Beacon Award winner Tom C. Frost, Jr.

Event begins at 11:30 am Wed. April 3 at the Omni San Antonio Hotel at the Colonnade. To reserve your seat at the luncheon, go here.

The Friends of CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Foundation supports the health and wellness of adults throughout south and central Texas by raising money for innovative programs and equipment for the four general hospitals and regional health and wellness outreach programs.