Acceleration: A Conversation on Position

On Saturday, June 25 from 6-9 p.m. at URBAN-15, see Kim Bishop's and Luis Valderas's exhibit “Acceleration: A Conversation on Position,” a visual/sound installation piece well suited for URBAN-15’s Long Hall Gallery. With Bishop’s and Valderas’s paintings facing each other along the length of the narrow gallery, and with an overhead sound installation creating an ambient Doppler effect, the piece intends to evoke the affective experience of close quarters—specifically, running through corn fields.

In the words of the artists, the installation “asks how position becomes relative and how it affects perspective during times of quickening change. The two works installed opposite each other offer a subtle experiential glimpse then demand a dialogue about the current state of flux in the country and its accelerating transformation.”

As a meditation on immigration, the piece also invites viewers to explore position and perspective in another sense. “It is meant to be interactive,” Valderas says. By inserting viewers into the visceral experience of one running through cornfields—whether to chase, to escape, or to witness—Acceleration is about “the empathy you feel when you’re in the rush of close quarters.”

At a time of great tension in public conversations around immigration, we invite the community to attend the opening of this powerful piece.

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