Car Parade for Black Lives


Nelson W. Wolff Municipal Stadium 5757 US-90 W
San Antonio, TX 78227
United States


We will gather at Nelson Wolff Stadium and drive our decorated cars to AT&T Center in support of Black Lives Matter. We will be using residential streets, not the highway. WE WILL OBSERVE ALL TRAFFIC RULES AT ALL TIMES!! We will be leaving between 3:05 p.m. and 3:15 p.m. from the stadium. The route will be shared the day of.

Please bring a canned good or non-perishable food item with you if you are able to donate. Food donations will go to feeding families in need on the East side of San Antonio.

The perfect event for those working to maintain social distancing or that may have mobility issues! A perfect way to help support the movement to end racism and excessive force from our police, while also giving back to the community!

1.) Bring materials to help deck out each others' cars if able, or show up with your car already decked out.

2.) This will be about a 45 minute drive so make sure to bring your own snacks and drinks.

3.) Bring a non-perishable food item if able to feed hungry families on the East side of town.

4.) Masks and hand sanitizer still highly recommended.