Cycle-In Cinema

Summer days in sunny San Antonio can become unbearable. We retreat from the heat and barracade ourselves in with the air conditioner running on high. When dusk arrives and the sun beaten streets begin to cool down, San Antonians take back what the scorching heat took from them. We go out and enjoy our wonderful city!

The Main Plaza Conservancy accomodates the citizens of San Antonio by hosting Texas’ first SATX Pedal Power Cycle-In Cinema. Every Thursday night until Aug. 29, Cycle-In Cinema will be screening movies for all to enjoy! Drive, walk, hang-glide, swim or bike to Main Plaza with your picnic gear. Didn't bring anything? No worries! Blue Star Ice House will be seving refreshments and delicous sandwhiches.

If you arrive early, various DJs will be spinning so you can dance the heat away. However you arrived, if you're still feeling energetic you can sign up to ride THE bike that genreates the power for this event! You just came to enjoy the night and watch some fine cinema? No worries! Me too!

After the movie is over, local bicycle groups have been known to hand out necessary bike gear like front lights, back lights, and sometimes even helmets. This is no guarantee but hey, you could get lucky! 

Come join us at Main Plaza this Thursday and experience film like very few these day do...outside!