Drug Prevention Training

Free Training for those interested in preventing underage drinking and substance abuse in Bexar County. 

Needs Assessment 
9:00 AM—12:00 PM
How important is data to designing a prevention strategy?
Who needs to be in the Epidemiology Workgroup?
Participants will learn basic components of a community needs assessment and the purpose of an Epidemiological Workgroup and how to form and utilize one.
Register: http://www.statewidetraining.org/en/cev/2685

Substance Abuse Prevention- Environmental Strategies
1:30 PM—4:30 PM
What is an Environmental Prevention Strategy?
What is Collective Responsibility?
Participants will learn to help create a broad societal commitment to prevent underage alcohol and tobacco use, through environmental prevention strategies.
Register: http://www.statewidetraining.org/en/cev/2687
Registration must be com-pleted individually for each training by accessing the registration website links provided