An Evening with Benito Cabrera

Canary Islands resident and virtuoso Benito Cabrera who plays the timple – the national instrument of the Canary Islands – has performed numerous concerts and recordings with ensembles such as the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of Cordoba and the Symphony Orchestra of Galicia.

Cabrera has performed throughout the world including Cuba, United States, Puerto Rico, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Venezuela and Japan. Cabrera has released nine solo recordings ranging from folk, classical music and pop. The concert is presented by Musical Bridges Around the World in partnership with the Canary Islands Descendants Association. A reception will be held after the concert along with a showing of the “Saga” light show in Main Plaza.

The concert is free. However, general public, non-reserved tickets are available at Choose “General Public RSVP” no later than 4 p.m. June 6.