Farce or Heroics

Farce or Heroics: A Reading and Discussion of Sex as a Political Condition: A Border Novel by Carlos Nicolas Flores, in conjunction with Chicano activist and journalist Antonio C. Cabral


  A native of El Paso, Carlos Nicolás Flores is a winner of the Chicano/Latino Literary Prize and author of a young adult novel, Our House on Hueco (TTUP, 2006). As director of the Teatro Chicano de Laredo and a former director of the South Texas Writing Project, he has long been engaged in the promotion of new writers and writing about the Mexican-American experience. His novel Sex as a Political Condition (TTUP 2015) was inspired by a confrontation between members of the Veterans For Peace Convoy to Nicaragua and their supporters on both sides of the Mexican American border in Laredo, TX, against the Laredo Police and federal agents who blocked their exit from the U.S. Flores teaches English at Laredo Community College.     


  Antonio C. Cabral is a long-time Chicano community activist and labor organizer from San Antonio.  He completed four years in the Marine Corps in 1964; in 1967, upon returning to San Antonio, he joined the anti-war movement during the Vietnam War. In 1988 he was assigned the responsibility of organizing support for the Veterans For Peace Convoy to Nicaragua.  His duties included organizing support at the U.S. – Mexico border and throughout the convoy’s route in Mexico. However, the Convoy was detained in Laredo, Texas, for several weeks because President Ronald Reagan’s administration refused to allow them to leave the country. The incident attracted worldwide attention through UPI, AP and others.  His articles on working class struggles and the labor movement have appeared in La Voz de Esperanza, The Current, Fotoperiodismo, El Regio de Monterrey, and others.