Join the Thanksgiving Fiesta!

Thank you for considering making a platelet donation. Your support helps make moments happen for our patients - including the holidays!

As a thank you for this donation, we'd like to offer you a $10 gift certificate (while supplies last) to La Fiesta Supermarket to help make your holiday, too.

Before You Give:
EAT - Consume an iron-rich meal before you donate. For meal tips, click here.

HYDRATE - Drinking 8-10 glasses of fluid 1-2 days before you give will help make veins more visible, help you feel more energized after donation and more.

REST - Get a good night's sleep before you donate.

For more information on South Texas Blood and Tissue Center, visit our website.
All presenting donors receive:
A safe and secure donation experience
Skilled care from our staff
A wellness checkup and T-shirt
Access to convenient online scheduling