La Cultura Cura

One in six Latino seniors in the U.S. are uncertain about their ability to afford nutritious and safe foods. In San Antonio’s Westside, it’s one in four Latino seniors.

To address this unfortunate statistic, La Fe Policy Research and Education Center (La Fe), is hosting La Cultura Cura! as part of an effort to reduce food insecurity and hunger, and improve nutrition among seniors on the Westside.   The free event will take place October 29 at Christ the King Church, from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. with cooking demonstrations, health screenings, flu shots, dance therapy and talks about nutrition, diabetes, Medicare and elder abuse.

“The vulnerability of these seniors is more complex than just access to food,” said Juan Flores, La Fe’s executive director.  “We need to consider the cultural and linguistic barriers they face; another factor that must be addressed is senior exploitation, fraud and abuse.”  This event is intended to assist seniors with their desire to be healthy and maintain their independence.

La Cultura Cura! is part of The Community Engagement Nutrition Action program (CENA), an initiative funded by the AARP Foundation. With its partner, the Martinez Street Women’s Center, CENA is implementing a senior-based peer-to-peer culturally responsive model to help empower our seniors and generate higher utilization of existing resources to combat food insecurities and their related health and emotional effects.

La Fe, an organization engaging our community with research, education, leadership development, policy development and advocacy, is committed to make positive community changes to improve seniors’ health by empowering the food insecure with resources to point them to an enhanced level of wellbeing.