Lané Pittard Opening Reception at Blue Star Contemporary

Lané Pittard will present an exhibition of her photographic work in Gallery 4 at Blue Star Contemporary from September 4 - September 28, 2014, with an opening reception Thursday, September 4 from 6-9 pm.

Pittard has a background in art, literature, film-photography and fashion styling. She has lived in Texas, California, Costa Rica, and Great Britain, and currently resides in San Antonio. With a quietness both disarming and captivating, Pittard's photographs, though of assumed real spaces, are captured in a way that is dreamlike and cinematic. Interested in the photograph as object, Pittard presents her work in a way that highlights the photograph's physicality.

Pittard makes exposures on medium-format, 120-mm film using an all-manual camera and a hand-held light meter. She prefers to work exclusively with existing, natural light. Using a camera with interchangeable film backs allows the choice between black-and-white or color film for each individual shot. Shots are composed full-frame, so as to eliminate the need for cropping. Black-and-white negatives are printed in the traditional, wet-process darkroom manner on fiber-based paper containing silver. Color negatives are scanned and then printed as giclée prints.