Noche Azul: La Llorona

Every month Azul Barrientos takes her audience through a multi-media journey through a new theme. 

Noche Azul showcases traditional Mexican songs while highlighting the cultural influences and interconnections between Latin America, Spain and Mexico. 

The songs and genres of Noche Azul have included boleros, rancheras, folk music, jazz, as well as electronic music.

November’s theme is La Llorona.

Azul will take her audience through the legend(s) that is La Llorona.

Every family has its own telling of the legend. 

Some people say that she haunts the Westside, others say the Southside, others say that the REAL La Llorona lives in the Rio Grande Valley. 

One thing is certain, stories of La Llorona have scared generations of Mexican and Mexican-American children and has inspired song writers and artists.

The event costs $7 to attend and will be held at Esperanza Peace and Justice Center.