One Thousand Texans for Transit - San Antonio

Join us the morning of Saturday, June 16 at Urban-15 to hear about and discuss paths to realizing the the goal of high-quality public transportation! We'll have a panel of local transit leaders, hear remarks from elected officials, and break out into groups to work shop strategies for statewide coordination.

About the program

One Thousand Texans for Transit is a statewide coalition of public transportation activists. Together, we will combine our local expertise and work together to affect meaningful advances in transit support and funding at the state level. Learn more about the project at Farm&City.

* Did you know that the major metros of Texas and Ohio are the only large metros in the nation with zero dedicated state transit funding for our major metros?
* Did you know the Republican and Democratic local leaders of Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas-Fort Worth are all asking the Texas legislature to simply allow the people of our metro regions to fund transit?
* Did you know that CapMetro is developing a new long range vision for providing transit across the service area?

Speakers to be announed soon- reserve your spot today!