Optimizing Your Online Presence: Search Engine Optimization for Anyone


Centro San Antonio’s Main Street Team, in collaboration with Geekdom, Launch SA, Modern Managed IT and the San Antonio Business Calendar, has created “Optimizing Your Online Presence,” a webinar series for small businesses.

The six-part series is designed to give participants a how-to overview on social media, online sales, safe and easy web building, automated customer management and search engine optimization.

Each of these segments will take the form of a conversation between a subject matter expert and a business owner.

The final session will be a roundtable of all the subject matter experts to show how all the parts work together, and will be moderated by Geekdom.

Moderators: Jon Garcia & Leslie Chasnoff of Geekdom, Speakers: Brenda Courtney of iNNOV8 with Geekdom & CivTechSA

Register here for the free online webinar!