Looking for some fun for the kids & family during Spring Break?  Join us over lunch hour for our new Spring Break PICNIC-PALOOZA!
Mitchell Lake Audubon Center will be offering three different programs during the week for kids and families to enjoy, with a picnic outside in the middle. There will be crafts and outdoor investigations and nature activities. You can come to one or choose all three programs for a discounted price. For more details - see the program descriptions and schedule below. **Bring your own lunch for the picnic, snacks & beverages will be available.
All programs run from 11am to 1pm
• Tuesday & Thursday, March 10 & 12: Instectigations!
Explore the world of insects and other crawlers by investigating the tiny creatures that live in and near our wetlands. Learn what makes an insect different from other invertebrates and take a closer look at dragonflies, butterflies, and beetles.  Come along with us on a bug hunt hike and see what creepy crawlies we can find.
• Wednesday & Friday, March 11 & 13: Birdtacular!
Discover what life is like for the birds by examining their amazing adaptations and participating in the "migration madness" game. Create a bird mask and investigate some fantastic feathers. Learn how to use binoculars and identify some common birds at Mitchell Lake. Then join us for a bird observation hike around Bird Pond.
• Saturday, March 14: Wetland Wonderland!
Adventure into the wetland habitats of Mitchell Lake Audubon Center and learn all about this important ecosystem. Meet our wetland animal ambassador and investigate the adaptions that help her and her wetland friends survive. Take a wetland walk with us and discover the amazing plants and animals that call this habitat their home.
FEE:  Regular entry fees ($5/adult and $2/child) or $20 for all 3 programs.  See you there!