Stories Seldom Told: Red Between the Lines

Violence, tragedy and death - these topics confront us on a daily basis. We stop, sometimes we listen, and then we move on with our lives. For SAY Sí students, that just isn't enough. For this reason, students will tactfully place a spotlight on the desensitization of American society in their “Stories Seldom Told: Red Between the Lines” Exhibition on July 10, 2015.

The annual “Stories Seldom Told” exhibition series challenges SAY Sí student-artists to collaboratively create multidisciplinary art installations that examine difficult social issues and give voice to those who are often silenced. Students vote on an exhibition theme, researching topics that will impact both them and their audiences.

Students began their artistic study with the realization that they were too often expected to ignore their feelings when exposed to tough issues like death, sexual assault, domestic violence, abuse, suicide and bullying. They shared personal stories which prompted them to boldly ask, "What was I supposed to do? Why is this okay? Why didn't anybody say anything?"

Young artists have created work which prompts viewers to discuss, reevaluate and find a solution to the issues that we so often choose to ignore. Completed installations will transform the SAY Sí galleries into interactive and avant-garde spaces.