UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry

Richard Thieme is an author and professional speaker focused on the deeper implications of technology, religion, and science for twenty-first century life. 

His book, UFOS and Government, was a team effort by a collection of veteran UFO historians and researchers who spent four plus years researching, consulting, writing, and editing to develop a work of historical scholarship on government response to the UFO phenomenon from WWII to the present.

Join Thieme at the Igo Branch Library on Monday, Nov. 18 and hear for the first time the story of UFOs from the perspective of the government themselves. It's a perspective that reveals a great deal about what we citizens have seen, and puzzled over, from the "outside" for so many years.

Copies of UFOs and Government will be available for purchase for $30 at the event.

For more information on the program, contact Andrew Gordon at andrew.gordon@sanantonio.gov or at 210.207.2629. Media inquiries should go to Marcie Hernandez, Public Information Officer, at marcie.hernandez@sanantonio.gov or at 210.207.2614.