Why San Antonio Youth Care About Their Climate Future

Hosted by Eco centro and Sierra Club Alamo Group.

Our November General Meeting will be very different from previous programs related to climate change. We are hosting several young people – of different age groups (grade-school to college) and from different parts of San Antonio – who will share some of their concerns about their climate future.

This discussion may help us make the San Antonio’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan stronger. It also raises issues comparable to the case of Juliana, et alia, v. the United States [see https://www.ourchildrenstrust.org/us/federal-lawsuit/ ], which may be heard by the Supreme Court soon.

We hope that the young people, who are taking the time to meet with us during their Thanksgiving vacation, will help us understand their concerns that are particular to San Antonio and south Texas, like the kinds of testimony of the 21 youths in the Juliana, et alia* case. What are those concerns? How can our Climate Action and Adaptation plans help address those concerns? What can we do to make sure the voices of their generation are heard by decision-makers at all levels?

*For a better sense of what’s at stake in the Juliana, et alia, v. the United States, view some of these videos produced in support of the students who sued the U.S. [see https://www.ourchildrenstrust.org/short-films/ ]