Writing Workshop with Goddess Kitu Umm Saalih

""The Power of the Squat: Womb Healing 101" will feature some physical movement and incorporate a writing workshop.

Kitu Umm Saalih is a mother of five sons, a lay midwife and an initiated Goddess who helps women to value sacredness, self-care, balance, and healing through sisterhood. Her practice of redeeming womb health with self-healing techniques, meditation, and shadow work is her value to others. Women are the cornerstones of societies.

The first nurturers, the first protectors and the first introduction of a creator on the tongues of babes. Whether she has birthed a child or not, had a hysterectomy, or is post menopausal, she is still a woman and she is still worthy of excellent womb health. No woman is barren. No woman is undeserving.

Goddess Kitu Umm Saalih teaches that all anger, resentment, non-forgiveness, or trauma is all held in our cores, our wombs. Women must learn and master themselves to heal their families and heal the world.

Her goal is to aid other women to be healed and be healers towards others. One woman, one girl, at a time.

Thanks is given in abundance, to those who attend and support.

Peace & Light. Blessings Up.

This is a free event open to all individuals. 

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