Webcast: Mayor Julian Castro marks First Day of School with middle school students

Replay the Video: NOWCastSA webcast live as San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro marked the first day of school by talking to about 650 sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students at Kingsborough Middle School.

Castro told the Harlandale Middle School students that he knew how important the first day of school was and that he wanted them to know that the entire city is proud of them and wishes them well.

Castro said that nine months ago when the city kicked off SA2020 he asked 5,000 participants from all background all over the city to share their dreams for San Antonio in the next 10 years.

"And you know what the number one issue was? The number one issue for them was making sure that more of our young people graduate from high school and go on and graduate from college," Castro said. "For San Antonio to be as great as it can be, the number one thing that we need to focus on is making sure that more young people succeed in the classroom."

Castro talked about how focusing on making positive choices can help students reach their dreams. 
"I want you to know that you have an entire city behind you, that believes in you, that knows that you are smart, that wants you to succeed. The thing is that over the next few years there are going to be a lot of opportunities to make that choice.....every single day of your life. you have a great opportunity to determine what path you take."

This story was updated August 24, 2011 by Nancy Preyor-Johnson. 


Correction: As originally published, this article contained an incorrect date. We regret the error.