Culmination Concert


St. Paul United Methodist Church is celebrating its 80th anniversary of their one of a kind Möller Pipe Organ.  
To commemorate, they will be holding two events: Shine Your Light on Nov. 7 and a Culmination Concert on Nov. 17, where the community is invited to participate.

The organ is listed as Opus No.6814 in the Möller registry that was purchased in 1939 for $2,250. The goal is to raise $80,000 for the restoration of the pipe organ. In addition, St. Paul United Methodist Church will establish an endowment to assist students in furthering their education in music, voice and cultural arts.  
St. Paul United Methodist Church was founded in 1866 and continues to be an impact throughout San Antonio, TX. In 2010, the State of Texas bestowed upon St. Paul United Methodist Church a historical distinction acknowledging the congregation as the first African American church in the city of San Antonio, Texas. Today it continues its legacy by celebrating their 80th anniversary for their Pipe Möller Organ.