Election Eve 2016

On the day after the election, can we still be friends?

On the day after the election, we'll still live two doors down from her, still work next to him, and that uncle (you know who we mean) will still expect his annual invitation to Thanksgiving dinner.

On the day after the election we will still be in this family, this neighborhood, this city, this country, this planet.

The earth will still spin on its axis.

How will we live together then?

On the day before the election, join Compassionate San Antonio in a conversation about the day after the election.

It's free and open to everyone.

Put it on your calendar and invite a friend.

Yes, that friend.

We'll be providing more details as the date approaches.

Election Eve Conversation is being brought to you in partnership between Compassionate San Antonio, Dare to Listen (TPR), the Dialogue Institute/Southwest and NOWCastSA.