Open Call for Drummers and Dancers

Formed in 1987, Carnaval de San Anto is URBAN-15’s original, award-winning, multi-generational community drum and dance ensemble. CDSA was the first group to bring the carnaval rhythms of samba, reggae, rumba, maracatu, and similar Afro-Brazilian and Caribbean rhythms to San Antonio. URBAN-15’s Carnaval de San Anto has toured all over Texas and Mexico, performed at three presidential inaugurations, and become a regular at some of San Antonio’s most iconic and memorable events, such as Luminaria, the Fiesta Flambeau Parade, and Jazz’SAlive. URBAN-15’s Carnaval de San Anto has changed how this city celebrates and helped shape the culture of San Antonio.

This October, the road to Fiesta begins again! This means that NOW is your chance to join Carnaval de San Anto—we are seeking both drummers and dancers. URBAN-15 will be holding a 5-week class for anyone interested in joining the ensemble, followed by an audition. The purpose of this intensive course is to teach basic foundations of music, build up strength, endurance, and coordination, and to teach participants the choreography and rhythms necessary to perform with the ensemble.

Classes will begin on Tuesday, October 10th and continue every Tuesday from 6:30 – 8:00 pm until November 14th (except October 31st). Auditions will follow the last class. Registration is $15, and each class will cost $10. Drummers are asked to bring their own pair of drumsticks and mallets while most instruments will be provided by URBAN-15.

Interested in volunteering with the group outside of dancing and drumming? URBAN-15 is also looking for volunteers to help with creative costume fabrication, photographers to help document our progress and performances, and event crew to help with equipment transportation, event promotion, and coordination. Are you skilled with any of these abilities? Contact the studio and you too can be a part of Carnaval de San Anto’s performance season!

For more information, call the URBAN-15 Group at 210- 736-1500 or email