Andrea Vocab Sanderson's "Hard Won" Celebrates Women's Suffrage

Watch and listen to video of "Hard Won," a song celebrating women's suffrage by San Antonio Poet Laureate Andrea Vocab Sanderson, and featuring Alyson Alonzo.

The song and video were sponsored by the League of Women Voters San Antonio area, produced by Nick Shan at RTE Studios. Keys by Gabriel Medina. Video production by Barbara Felix. All lyrics were written and performed by Andrea Sanderson & Alyson Alonzo. Dance by Tamara Adira of Arte y Pasión.

The poet adds her special thanks to the League of Women Voters, Erika Prosper Nirenberg, Madhu Sridhar, Councilwoman Adriana Rocha Garcia for their generous support and thanks to Johnny Rivers III and Bonnie Arbittier for their photography.