Baby Formula Resources from Diego Bernal

As you may have noticed, store shelves are more bare than normal, largely due to supply chain issues, but nothing has been hit harder than baby formula. I understand that this places many of our neighbors in a difficult situation. My office has put together a quick list of resources and current headlines on the situation to keep you up to date.

Here is what we know and how to get help:

What we know:

  • Nationwide, 40% of baby formulas are out of stock and when retailers get shipments of formula, many are turning to purchase limits.
  • After the death of two infants, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigated Abbott, one of three major producers of baby formula, and found traces of bacteria linked to the deaths. This prompted a sweeping multi-brand recall of baby formula.
  • Due to stringent FDA regulation of baby formula, many of the formulas produced internationally are illegal in purchase in the United States.
  • Abbott and the FDA have reached an agreement to reopen the manufacturing plant in Michigan and could resume production within the next two weeks.
  • Per the American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP), there are very few alternatives to baby formulas and any change, including switching to a milk alternative, should be discussed with your pediatrician. Additionally, the AAP advises that individuals not attempt to make their own formula.

How to get help:

  • Any Baby Can San Antonio is working to help families find specific types of baby formula. To get help, fill out this form.
  • The San Antonio Food Bank may have available stock of certain kinds of baby formula. To get help, call 210-431-8326.
  • The United States Department of Health and Human Services has assembled a fact sheet to assist families in finding formula. You can view the fact sheet in English and in Spanish.
  • For families on WIC, WIC has temporarily added more options that may not be on your standard shopping list. For more information on the temporarily added formulas, click here. If you are still unable to find any of these brands, contact your WIC office.

If you are not in need of baby formula and wish to help our neighbors, Any Baby Can San Antonio is currently accepting monetary donations to assist those in need of formula. You can donate to Any Baby Can San Antonio by clicking here

We understand that this may be a difficult time for many of our neighbors. As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office via phone at 210-308-9700 or by email at