Brackenridge Park: Trees Safe For Now But What About The Birds?

The Executive Committee of the Texas Historic Commission (THC) tabled the City of San Antonio’s plan to remove and relocate about 67 trees.

In order for the city to go ahead with their plans, they must first obtain approval and receive a permit from the THC.

Prior to this meeting, the decision on the Brackenridge proposal was delayed due to travel safety concerns amid the freezing temperatures on Feb. 1. However, during the Mar. 3 meeting, the city faced pushback on their Phase I proposal.

Community members spoke in front of the committee and presented two solutions to repair the wall while keeping the trees intact, as well as the Department of Interior standards for heritage trees.

The Executive Committee tabled a vote on the request, delaying approval to demolish the trees. The committee wanted more information, such as technical information, but did not elaborate during the meeting. 

The THC can take the issue up at a future meeting, but no agenda has been set. The next planned meeting of the full commission is in April. 

Moreover, bird mitigation is still in place for the migratory birds even though not many have complained about their presence in Brackenridge Park. 

Many advocates have voiced their concerns about the displacement of the federally protected birds saying it will cause them to nest in neighborhoods, posing a greater risk of harm to the birds.

However, the city claims that minimizing the rookeries will improve the biodiversity and water quality of the park.

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