HDRC Approves Updated Brackenridge Plans With Stipulations

After obtaining approval from the Texas Historical Commission on Phase I, the San Antonio Parks and Recreation’s next step is to meet and discuss with the Historic Design and Review Commission.

On April 19, the HDRC unanimously approved the city’s updated plans with three added stipulations from the River Road Neighborhood Association which are:

  1. Approve with the stipulation that Applicant shall refrain from engaging in any tree demolition or transplantation prior to completing with compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.
  2. Approve, with the stipulation that the City provide a risk assessment from an independent arborist for each tree that it claims is being removed pursuant to the criteria in Section 35-680, and that HDRC approve the removal.
  3. Approve, with the stipulation that the City’s contract include the proper monitoring and maintenance of heritage and significant trees during and after construction for a period of five years.

Should there be any changes to the plan or any additional trees need to be removed in the future, it has been emphasized that the City must go before the HDRC for approval.

The City also clarified that no work can be done until they receive all necessary approvals.