Immigrant Support Coalition Is Eager to Reverse the Damage and Transform the System

Interfaith Welcome Coalition logo and photo of immigrant children

Filled with optimism about immigration the new administration of President Joe Biden, members of the Interfaith Welcome Coalition met virtually in January to discuss goals for the new year.

The Interfaith Welcome Coalition, formed in 2014, is a faith-based movement whose mission is to meet the changing needs of asylum seekers, refugees, and at-risk immigrants in the collaboration with other groups in San Antonio and South Texas.

The Jan. 15, 2021 meeting was an overview of goals and reports from each of the different sub-groups that focus on Impact, People, Process, Service, Advocacy, Communications and Collaboration.

The Coalition agreed to focus its advocacy on part of the 2021 Immigration Action Plan.

The 2021 Action Plan was formed by more than 170 of the nation’s leading immigration and advocacy organizations around the country. The Action Plan identifies 10 actions with specific steps it says will "both reverse the racism and damage of the Trump years and discard the longstanding harsh criminalization and deportation policies that have defined many past administrations." Read the Action Plan Here

The Coalition will focus on Action No. 7, with the goal of phasing out immigration jails and funding community-based case management programs.

To see more details from the meeting go to the presentation slide:

The Coalition has multiple different volunteer opportunities. The highest profile volunteer opportunity is the Bus Station Outreach which, like all the other volunteering, helps to provide a warm, comforting welcome and resource to asylum seekers before they continue on their journey.

Anyone interested in volunteering with the Interfaith Welcome Coalition or joining the next meeting can find more information on its website here:

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