Interfaith Welcome Coalition needs volunteers

greyhound bus station


Looking for volunteer opportunities? The Interfaith Welcome Coalition is in critical need of some helping hands.


The Interfaith Welcome Coalition (IWC) is a local nonprofit organization that has been helping migrants traveling through San Antonio. The IWC continues to assist people both inside the Greyhound bus station and in Travis Park. 

For many migrants, San Antonio is a stop before they arrive in their host cities. Though not all arrivals have concrete travel plans or people to contact for help. The IWC assists them with their travel plans, contacting family members, and other basic necessities. 

Due to the increase of families and individuals arriving in San Antonio, the IWC has started to operate at Travis Park to aid those who have not finalized their travel plans and cannot wait inside the bus station because they don’t yet have a bus ticket. With rising temperatures and the continuous influx of people, the IWC is in critical need of volunteers.


Find more information on volunteering here.