Interfaith Welcome Committee November Meeting

Luis Figueroa talks about CPPP (Center for Public Policy Priorities)  -

Discussed Policy Threats: Sancuary Cities Bill, 27Gs
He answers questions at 30:30 if that’s something we want to link

Announcements from Partners

San Antonio Stands -
Advocates for CPPP - particularly focused on sight and release

Angry Abuelas and Tias (Joyce Hamilton) -
From Rio Grand Valley

P16+ (Christina Mendez) -
Helping Dreamers transition into college and other education needs

Parliament of World Religions (walking with the caravan 1 to 1) -

Olga Kauffman (Reform Immigration For Texas Alliance)* -

Mariela (Bus Station Project for Raices) -

Tino Gallegos Immigration Liaison for the City of San Antonio -

Migrant Center for Human Rights -

Drew Galloway with MOVE Texas -

Charlotte-Anne Lucas with NowCastSA -

Report on the Bus Station from Sr. Denise via Sr. Sharon -

Linda Lohrman report on the backpacks -

17,187 Backpacks this year as of 10/31/2018 -

John Garland (Hospitality and Hospitality Training) -

Sr. Pat Interfaith Welcome Committee Advocacy Group Meeting -

Advice on Lobbying -

Sr. Susan of the Benedictine Sisters Newsletter Sheet -