Map: San Antonio's farmers' markets

Zoom in on our UPDATED map of San Antonio area farmers' markets to find out where you can get some fresh fruits and veggies today!

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The markets, located in neighborhoods all across the area, offer affordable locally-grown fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and more.

Did you know that most of the farmers' markets in San Antonio accept Women, Infant and Children (WIC) coupons?

According to the WIC website, WIC's Farmers' Market Nutrition Program was established to provide fresh, unprepared, locally grown fruits and vegetables to WIC participants, and to expand the awareness, use of and sales at farmers' markets.

Most markets also accept Senior Vouchers from the San Antonio Food Bank.

Dora Peralta, owner of Peralta Farms in Natalia, who sells their produce Thursdays at the market at the Botanical Garden, says she doesn't see much use of WIC coupons.

"I don't think WIC participants know what we have to offer," explains Peralta. "However, the seniors do, and we see a lot of them using the vouchers from the Food Bank."

Peralta donates her unsold produce to the San Antonio Food Bank.

This story was originally written by former NOWCastSA web editor Heather DiMasi and has been updated multiple times to reflect changes in the map.