Map: Where to pick up free meals during coronavirus

NOWCastSA made this map so students and families can pick up free meals while San Antonio area schools are closed for the coronavirus pandemic. It has been updated for the summer.

School districts are offering meals to pick up at curbside locations or at drive throughs and several are using school buses to deliver meals at stops along a route. We added all of the San Antonio Parks & Recreation meal service sites.

Each pin on this map gives the hours, the address and a link to more information. You can also get directions to walk, drive or take public transportation to the site.

Here's how to find your school district's locations on your phone:

  • Under the word "Map," tap this box:
  • map burger
  • Select "Filter"
  • Check the box next to your school district,
  • Then tap "Map" to get to your very own map.