November 2022: See Candidates' Stance on Climate Change

Tips from the Texas Standard:

From the KLRN Bexar County Forum hosted by Randy Beamer:

How can the county prepare residents for the effects of climate change to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for everyone to thrive?

Peter Sakai (7:23): “Whether it’s droughts, whether it’s freezes, we need to be prepared. What we’ve learned is that we have a digital divide. We need to provide high speed internet connectivity throughout all parts of the community so that the seniors can get adequate warnings when their water or electricity is being cut off. We need to be prepared to have warming centers or cooling centers.” 

Edgar Coyle (8:55): “At a county level, I think what we really need to put our priority on is electricity and making sure that we have a functional grid. As we’ve seen during the freeze of 2021, electricity is crucial and as we move forward, we’re going to continue to have extreme demand events whether it be from extremely hot summers or colder winters…I think we should be looking into nuclear power.”

Trish DeBerry (10:12): “What I have asked for is that we look at the utilities, whether it’s water, whether it’s electricity. What I’ve asked for is that the county has a seat at the table at CPS Energy and at San Antonio Water Systems because a third of CPS’s revenue comes from outside the City of San Antonio, yet we do not have a seat at the table regarding representation of the suburban cities, nor those who live outside the city limits. And what is that? If we don’t have a seat at the table, that is taxation without representation."