November 2022: See Candidates' Stance on Property Taxes

From the KLRN Bexar County Judge Forum hosted by Randy Beamer:

What remedy will you offer for homeowners who face increasing property taxes resulting from the rising property appraisals?

Peter Sakai (20:29): “We need to keep a lid on property taxes but we also have to deal with the appraisal district. I am committed to put a county commissioner on that Bexar County appraisal board that’s going to hold the chief appraiser and the Bexar County appraisal district accountable for the way they establish their evaluations.”

Edgar Coyle (22:01): “We’re at a 40 year high for inflation. It doesn’t look like it’s [ending] anytime soon. I think in the very near future we’re going to have a housing crisis on our hands if we don’t get this under control. And I think the best way is to get away from a property tax revenue generation model and try to switch to a sales tax as far as a county wide revenue generation.”

Trish DeBerry (22:57):  “I’ve already had conversations with the senior leadership of the state to tap into the $27 billion Rainy Day Fund…to wipe out the M&O (Maintenance and Operations) rate of school districts, which will decrease property taxes. But we also need more revenue streams so that education is not borne on the backs of homeowners. That’s why I’m advocating for…a revenue stream of legalized gambling or even legalized marijuana.”