Quick Clips: COPS/Metro San Antonio School Board Accountability Session

Scroll to the question in the Accountability Session, then click on the link to jump to that spot in the video with the candidates’ answer. 

The Accountability Session for San Antonio ISD candidates was hosted by COPS/Metro Alliance on April 18, 2021. Watch the entire video here: https://youtu.be/qf2AuF3Z1Mc

Participating candidates were: Steve Lecholop, Sarah Sorensen, Judit Vega, Arthur Valdez Jr., Luke Amphlett, Ed Garza and Yasmin Parra Cordina

COPS/Metro Question to school board candidates:

Q: Will you ensure that COVID relief dollars sent to the district are set to maximum use to close learning gaps for students most affected by this disaster, create and execute a strategic plan to make up for educational gaps due to COVID-19, work with COPS/Metro to ensure SAISD has a plan for engaging parents? 28:32

District 1:

District 3:

District 4:

District 7: