Quick Clips: District 1 Candidate Forum by the League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area

Scroll to the questions in the District 1 Candidate Forum, then click the link to jump to that spot in the video with the candidates answers. 

The District 1 Candidate Forum was hosted by the League of Women Voters of San Antonio Area on April 7, 2021. The complete video is here: San Antonio City Council District 1 Candidate Forum for SA City Council

The participating candidates in ballot order: Raymond Zavala, Matthew J Gauna, Lauro A. Bustamante, Roberto C. Trevino, Cyndi Dominguez, Mario Bravo.

After presenting the opening statements, the first question was asked of the candidates in alphabetical order. After that, the candidates were chosen in a randomized order to address the questions.  

Candidates' Opening Statements: https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=663

1. What do you think makes you a good candidate for the District 1 seat? https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=71

2. What are your thoughts on climate change as it applies to the city or is it something 

the city should not address?  https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=495

Lauro A. Bustamante https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=526

Cyndi Dominguez https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=594

Matthew J Gauna  https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=674

Roberto C. Trevino https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=749

Raymond Zavala https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=818

Mario Bravo https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=896

3. What do you see as the right direction for the Alamo Plaza Renovation Plan? https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=960

Cyndi Dominguez: https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=977
Matthew J Gauna: https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=1039
Roberto C. Trevino: https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=1104 
Raymond Zavala: https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=1170
Mario Bravo: https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=1211
Lauro A. Bustamante: https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=1284 


4. How would you go about increasing economic opportunities in District 1? https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=1362

5. How would you address the issues with homelessness in District 1? https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=1766

6. What do you see as the best way to address income disparity in San Antonio? https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=2187

7. In a district that contains both quite poor and quite wealthy areas, how would you balance the very  different needs of all of the various constituencies in the District?  https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=2601

8. What is the one issue facing District 1 that you would like to address as soon as you take office, and what action plan can you implement to mitigate the problem or  issue?  https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=3095

Candidates’ Closing Statements: https://youtu.be/_NcRQ68vYEw?t=3519