Quick Clips: District 10 Candidate Forum by Northeast Neighborhood Alliance

Scroll to the questions in the  District 10 Candidate Forum, then click on the link to jump to that spot in the video with the candidates’ answer. 

The District 10 Candidate Forum was hosted by the Northeast Neighborhood Alliance on April 19, 2021. Watch the entire video here: https://youtu.be/ppj6fLGO1Ac

Candidates present in ballot order were: Incumbent Clayton Perry, Ezra Johnson and

Gabrien Gregory.

1. Please tell us how you are qualified for this job, and do you really have time to perform it. 4:00

Clayton Perry 4:07

Gabrinen Gregory 6:38

Ezra Johnson 8:30

2. Why are you running? 11:00

Gabrinen Gregory 11:12

Ezra Johnson 13:33

Clayton Perry 16:05

3. Are you in support or against Prop A and Prop B and tell us why? https://youtu.be/ppj6fLGO1Ac?t=1093

Ezra Johnson 18:19 26:39

Clayton Perry 21:10 27:41

Gabrinen Gregory 23:58 29:43

4. Thoughts on neighborhood security.  30:06

Clayton Perry 30:28

Gabrinen Gregory 32:18

Ezra Johnson 34:17

5. Thoughts on Infrastructure improvements, and mass transportation. 36:09

Gabrinen Gregory 36:20

Ezra Johnson 38:05

Clayton Perry 39:54

6.What is your perspective on city-level, and above, on how the government has handled COVID-19? 43:29

Ezra Johnson 43:54

Clayton Perry 45:58

Gabrinen Gregory 48:32

7. What are your comments on what needs to be done to prevent something like the snow storm with the blackouts from happening? 50:35

Clayton Perry 51:06

Gabrinen Gregory 53:24

Ezra Johnson 55:43

Closing Statements: 57:36

Gabrinen Gregory 57:50

Ezra Johnson 59:17

Clayton Perry 1:00:34