Quick Clips: District 5 Candidate Forum by the Westside Neighborhood Associations Coalition

Scroll to the questions in the District 5 Candidate Forum, then click on the link to jump to that spot in the video with the candidates’ answer. 

The Westside Neighborhood Associations Coalition hosted a candidate forum for District 5 on March 21, 2021. You can watch the entire video here: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I

Candidates present were Marie Crabb, Anthony Gres, Jason Mata, Ricardo Moreno and Norberto “Geremy” Landin.

Candidates Irma G. Barron and Jesse “Jay” Alaniz did not respond to the invitation.

Opening Statements:

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=198

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=303

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=460

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=700

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=938

1) Have you been involved in any community engagements, served on boards, or organizations pertaining to District 5? Briefly describe your major accomplishments.

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=1101

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=1180

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=1271

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=1345

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=1411

2) Given the recent adverse weather conditions last month, what plan of action would you implement to serve and to effectively communicate with our constituents since so many in our district do not use Internet, email, and social media? How do you plan to get vital information to these residents?

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=1506

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=1591

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=1652

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=1713

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=1775

3) Can you commit to reopening the Las Palmas field office within the first 45 days? What criteria would you use in choosing your staff?

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=1852

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=1920

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=1980

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=2051

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=2118

4) What three city-wide issues would you like to address on city council?

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=2201

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=2272

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=2321

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=2386

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=2456

5) What are your top three budget priorities?

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=2543

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=2568

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=2638

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=2691

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=2753

6) What would you do differently to address the housing crisis and homelessness than the approach the current council and administration have taken?

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=2828

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=2905

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=2987

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3068

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3159

7) Do you support the propositions on the ballot regarding police reform accountability and why?

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3226

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3267

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3343

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3413

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3489

8) What are three areas of strength in District 5 and what three ways can District 5 be improved? If you are elected, will you commit to touring all areas of District 5 that you will represent?

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3593

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3678

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3760

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3842

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3916

9) In what ways will you implement and commit to work with neighborhood associations, coalitions, and other communities so that resident’s voices play a key part in policy-making decisions that are being made about their communities and ensure transparency in communication? Will you personally as a public elected official commit to meet with members of the Westside Neighborhood Associations Coalition within the first 30 days and on a quarterly basis?

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=4024

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=4119

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=4214

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=4307

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=4414

10) District 5 has an abundance of car lots, tire shops, and mechanic shops. Will you support the neighborhood associations that do not want them in the area when there is a zoning change request for this kind of business? How will you support neighborhoods and zoning requests that can be hurtful to neighborhoods?

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=4516

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=4620

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=4719

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=4825

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=4897

11) In what ways will you ensure the city will continue using the equity lens in its allocation of resources?

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=4989

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=5045

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=5115

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=5192

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=5270

12) How would you choose appointments to boards and commissions for District 5 representation?

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=5367

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=5437

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=5487

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=5544

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=5616

13) Many of our neighborhoods have been neglected and need neighborhood sweeps. How would you prioritize and identify which neighborhood associations are in dire need and how will you implement beautifying our neighborhoods and bring pride to our community without causing a new hardship on our most vulnerable neighbors?

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=5686

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=5759

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=5847

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=5916

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=5995

14) How would you promote home ownership and do you support housing incentives for developers?

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=6074

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=6155

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=6234

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=6298

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=6375

Candidate Closing Statements:

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=6477

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=6555

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=6642

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=6735

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=6826