Quick Clips: District 6 Candidate Forum by the League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area

Scroll to the questions in the District 6 Candidate Forum, then click on the link to jump to that spot in the video with the candidates’ answer. 

The District 6 Candidate Forum was hosted by the League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area on April 14, 2021. Watch the entire video here: https://youtu.be/lfSHZ9CXp6A

Candidates present in ballot order: Chris Baecker, incumbent Melissa Cabello Havrda and Robert Hernandez.

1.What do you think makes a good candidate for the District 6 seat? 1:33

Chris Baecker 1:41

Melissa Cabello Havrda 2:42

Robert Hernandez 3:50

2. How would you go about increasing economic opportunities in District 6? 4:59

Robert Hernandez 5:04

Melissa Cabello Havrda 6:15

Chris Baecker 7:08

3. What do you think is the best way to address income disparity in San Antonio? 8:24

Chris Baecker 8:36

Melissa Cabello Havrda 9:45

Robert Hernandez 10:50

4. How would you address the issue of homelessness in District 6? 11:56

Chris Baecker 12:06

Melissa Cabello Havrda 13:14

Robert Hernandez 14:18

5. What is one issue facing District 6 that you would like to address as soon as you take office? And what action plan would you implement to mitigate the problem or issue? 15:25

Chris Baecker 15:39

Melissa Cabello Havrda 16:47

Robert Hernandez 17:47

6. What one issue facing the city do you think the city council needs to address first when the new members are sworn in? 18:46

Chris Baecker 18:59

Robert Hernandez 20:06

Melissa Cabello Havrda 21:09

7. What do you believe is the best structure for the workforce development plan in order to achieve its goal to train and connect more people to higher paying jobs? 22:15

Melissa Cabello Havrda 22:31

Robert Hernandez 23:41

Chris Baecker 24:40

8. What specifically would you do to ensure that accessibility and inclusion for those that live with disability in our community are included in your plan for the city’s infrastructure and the jobs that come with it? 25:47

Chris Baecker 26:02

Melissa Cabello Havrda 27:04

Robert Hernandez 28:09

9. What are your thoughts on climate change as it applies to the city? For example the City’s climate action plan, solar panel initiatives for homeowners, or is Climate Change something the city shouldn’t deal with. 29:17

Chris Baecker 29:32

Melissa Cabello Havrda 30:37

Robert Hernandez 31:34

10. What is your opinion on making broadband access an essential utility available to all residents? 32:32

Melissa Cabello Havrda 32:44

Robert Hernandez 33:42

Chris Baecker 34:41

11. How do you suggest bringing down the crime rate in your district and throughout San Antonio? 35:48

Robert Hernandez 35:59

Chris Baecker 36:58

Melissa Cabello Havrda 38:02

12. Do you worry about gentrification in District 6 and what do you think is the best way to preserve the district’s sense of community as the city grows? 39:14

Chris Baecker 39:26

Melissa Cabello Havrda 40:34

Robert Hernandez 41:54

13. What action would you recommend in developing policies to prevent another situation like San Antonians faced during and after February’s winter storm? 43:00

Melissa Cabello Havrda 43:13

Robert Hernandez 44:20

Chris Baecker 45:23

14. What would you suggest to guarantee all San Antonians receive their COVID-19 vaccines in an equitable and uncomplicated manner? 46:30

Robert Hernandez 46:42

Chris Baecker 47:37

Melissa Cabello Havrda 48:44

15. What are your thoughts about the Alamo Plaza Plan, specifically the balance between the 1836 battle and its earlier life as a mission and the location of the Cenotaph and the opening and the closing of Alamo Plaza? 49:49

Chris Baecker 50:08

Melissa Cabello Havrda 51:18

Robert Hernandez 52:27

16. What do you suggest to improve the low voter turnout in District 4?  53:26

Melissa Cabello Havrda 53:37

Robert Hernandez 54:44

17.Do you believe there is a waste in the city budget? If so, please identify specific areas you would reduce funding to eliminate waste.  55:56

Chris Baecker 56:07

Melissa Cabello Havrda 58:19

Robert Hernandez 59:12