Quick Clips: District 6 Candidate Forum by Westside Neighborhood Associations Coalition

Scroll to the questions in the District 6 Candidate Forum, then click on the link to jump to that spot in the video with the candidates’ answer. 

The District 6 Candidate Forum was hosted by the Westside Neighborhood Associations Coalition on April 10, 2021. Watch the entire video here: https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=5222

Participating candidates in ballot order: Incumbent Mellisa Cabello Havrda, Chris Baecker and Robert Hernandez. Not participating: Irina Rudolph and Robert Walker

Candidate Opening Statements:

Chris Baecker: https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=305

Mellisa Cabello Havrda: https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=436

Robert Hernandez: https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=557 

1. How would you bring health awareness and promote business and nutritional benefits to District 6?

Chris Baecker  https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=657

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=732

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=826  

2. Recently homeless camps are spreading out to the Westside. What would you do to stop encampments and provide shelter for the homeless?

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=910

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=992

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=1064

3. Currently some of the neighborhood needs are senior/community/center/library. Will you reach out to neighboring council members to accomplish common consistent goals, especially at or near council borders, specifically District 5, to make these projects a reality? Our community has little or no access to reading and learning materials. Are you open to working with school districts or other organizations to open a community library?

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=1118

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=1183

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=1263

4. How will you create more greenway trails and parks?

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=1349

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=1399

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=1465

5. What are your short and long term goals for the neighborhood District 6 and city?

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=1572

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=1639

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=1719

6. What are your top three budget priorities?

Robert Hernandezhttps://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=1792

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=1861

7. We do not have enough public transportation needs options in our neighborhood. Our current bus routes do not meet the community's needs, what would you do to meet the community's needs?

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=1937

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=1986

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=2056

8. If you received a Covid recovery grant to use for the district in any way you want to, what would you do with it and why?

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=2132

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=2192

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=2272

9. District 6 is growing at a rapid pace and is the fastest growing city council district. What would  you do to try to keep neighborhoods together during the next redistricting coming up in the next year or two?

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=2446

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=2561

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=2635

10. How would you reduce crime in our neighborhood so the residents will feel safe?

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=2706

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=2787

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=2864

11. Do you support the proposition on the ballot regarding police reforms and accountability in the run?

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=2948

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=3017

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=3087

12. How would you improve infrastructure and sidewalks and streets?

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=3179

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=3235

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=3326

13. How would you address food deserts in District 6?

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=3428

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=3502

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=3574

14. What are your plans for as seniors as far as transportation, food supplies and centers?

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=3654

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=3715

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=3803

15. How would you support and communicate in emergency situations in general with residents who have no internet access?

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=3886

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=3952

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=4023

16. In what way would you implement and commit to work with neighborhood association coalition and other communities so that the residents voices playa key part in policy making decisions made about their community and ensure transparency in communication, will you personally as a public elected official commit to meet with members of the westside neighborhood association coalition within the first 30 days and on a quarterly basis?

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=4148

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=4211

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=4296

17. What makes you a qualified candidate for district 6?

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=4377

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=4432

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=4508

18. There are not enough retail and public centers in District 6 westside of San Antonio, How would you bring more resources into our neighborhood where currently there are few, how would you support economic development in our neighborhood? 

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=4632

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=4703

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=4781

19. Currently there are no vaccine sites in the near westside District 6, how would you, what would you do to bring a vaccine site to our neighborhood and support those that don’t have reliable transportation to big vaccine centers?

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=4870

Mellissa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=4945

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=5014

Candidate closing statements

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=5093

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=5147

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=5192

Closing statement from the Coalition