Quick Clips: League of Women Voters District 5 Candidate Forum

Scroll to the questions in the  District 5 Candidate Forum, then click on the link to jump to that spot in the video with the candidates’ answer. 

The District 5 Candidate forum was hosted by the League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area on April 15, 2021. Watch the entire video here:  https://youtu.be/Sw7zguMawYU

Participating candidates, in ballot order were: Anthony Gres, Jason Mata, Ray Garza, David Yanez, Marie Crabb, Rudy Lopez, Norberto “Geremy” Landin, and Ricardo Moreno. 



1. What do you think makes you a good candidate for the District 5 council seat? 

Ray Garza: 1:45

Ricardo Moreno: 2:58

Rudy Lopez: 4:10

David Yanez: 5:21

Jason Mata: 1:03:17

Anthony Gres: 1:04:15

Marie Crabb: 1:05:16

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: 1:06:24

2. What is your opinion of the recent decision to discard the plan to replace the Alazan courts with mixed income housing?

Ricardo Moreno: 6:39

Rudy Lopez: 7:59

David Yanez: 8:53

Ray Garza: 10:01

Jason Mata: 1:34:37

Marie Crabb: 1:36:57

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: 1:38:02

Anthony Gres: 1:39:18

3. Do you worry about gentrification in District 5 and what do you see is the best way to preserve the District’s sense of community as the city grows

Rudy Lopez: 11:21

David Yanez: 12:26

Ray Garza: 13:40

Ricardo Moreno: 14:59

Anthony Gres: 1:22:20

Marie Crabb: 1:23:25

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: 1:24:33

Jason Mata: 1:25:40

4. How would you address the issue of homelessness in District 5?

David Yanez: 16:12

Ricardo Moreno: 17:20

Rudy Lopez: 18:30

Ray Garza: 58:52

Jason Mata: 1:44:55

Anthony Gres: 1:45:35

Marie Crabb: 1:46:41

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: 1:47:53

5. What do you believe is the best structure for the workforce development plan in order to achieve its goal to train and connect more people with higher paying jobs?

Ray Garza: 20:23

Ricardo Moreno: 21:43

Rudy Lopez: 22:49

David Yanez: 23:58

6. What one issue facing District 5 would you like to address as soon as you take office and what action plans could you implement to mitigate the problem or issue?

Ricardo Moreno: 25:23

Rudy Lopez: 26:32

David Yanez: 27:23

Ray Garza: 28:35

7. What one issue facing the city do you think the City Council needs to address first when the new members are sworn in?

Rudy Lopez: 30:04

David Yanez: 31:05

Ray Garza: 32:16

Ricardo Moreno: 33:21

Marie Crabb: 1:53:39

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: 1:54:45

Jason Mata: 1:55:33

Anthony Gres: 1:56:11

8. What specifically would you do to ensure that accessibility and inclusion for the disabled community are included in your plan for the city’s infrastructure and the jobs that come with it?

David Yanez: 34:44

Ricardo Moreno: 36:49

Ray Garza: 38:14

Rudy Lopez: 39:12

Anthony Gres: 1:08:47

Marie Crabb: 1:09:52

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: 1:10:59

Jason Mata: 1:12:08

9. What do you see is the best way to address income disparity in San Antonio?

Ricardo Moreno: 41:46

David Yanez: 44:47

Rudy Lopez: 46:47

Ray Garza: 48:04

Anthony Gres: 1:49:03

Marie Crabb: 1:50:21

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: 1:51:31

Jason Mata: 1:52:37

10. What are your thoughts on climate change as it applies to the city, for example, the city’s Climate Action Plan, solar panel incentives for homeowners, or is climate change something the city should just not deal with?

Ricardo Moreno: 49:26

Rudy Lopez: 50:34

David Yanez: 51:41

Ray Garza: 53:07

Marie Crabb: 1:13:20

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: 1:14:26

Jason Mata: 1:15:49

Anthony Gres: 1:16:40

11. What do you suggest to improve the low voter turnout in District 5?

Rudy Lopez: 54:21

David Yanez: 55:17

Ricardo Moreno: 56:18

Ray Garza: 57:27

12. What is your opinion about making broadband access an essential utility available to all residents?

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: 1:17:55

Jason Mata: 1:19:03

Anthony Gres: 1:20:01

Marie Crabb: 1:21:09

13. What action would you recommend in developing policies to prevent another situation like San Antonians faced during and after February’s winter storm?

Marie Crabb: 1:26:41

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: 1:27:44

Jason Mata: 1:28:53

Anthony Gres: 1:29:44

14. What would you suggest to guarantee all San Antonians receive their COVID-19 vaccines in an equitable and uncomplicated manner?

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: 1:31:01

Jason Mata: 1:32:08

Anthony Gres: 1:33:15

Marie Crabb: 1:35:35

15. How would you go about increasing economic opportunities in District 5?

Marie Crabb: 1:40:31

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: 1:41:35

Jason Mata: 1:42:43

Anthony Gres: 1:43:44