Reproductive Health Resources

NOWCastSA created this resource page after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and abortion access was limited in the state of Texas. Check this list of reproductive health resources to find the support and help you need, as well as to find out how to help others and learn more about abortion and birth control.

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Get Help:


  • The National Abortion Federation (NAF) operates the largest national, toll-free, multi-lingual hotline for abortion referrals and financial assistance in the U.S and Canada.

  • 1-877-257-0012 (NAF Referral Line)


  • Alamo Women’s Reproductive Services will provide abortion services with costs covered if no fetal cardiac activity is detected by ultrasound (typically occurs at 6 weeks). 


  • Texas Tribune article on how to get birth control and emergency contraception in Texas.


  • Planned Parenthood Abortion Care Fund offers financial assistance for an abortion procedure based on income and family size. They also provided limited financial services to help with travel expenses.,(7526)%20to%20learn%20more.&text=New%20laws%20have%20also%20forced,to%20access%20safe%2C%20legal%20abortion


  • National Network of Abortion Funds connects those who need abortions with organizations that can support financial and logistical needs.


  • New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed two bills to protect providers and out-of-state individuals seeking reproductive health care services in New Jersey.


  • The 19th news article on abortion providers planning to open clinics as close as possible to states with bans. 


  • Buzzfeed News talked to legal experts and reproductive rights advocates about how to get an abortion in a post-Roe world and what you should know about potential legal risks.


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Give Help:

  • Rolling Stone article on where to donate to abortion funds

  • Goodgoodgood: 28 Ways To Protect Abortion Rights & Reproductive Freedom 

  • Guide on How To Contact Your Elected Representatives: 

  • DC Abortion Fund: Nonprofit that makes grants to pregnant people in the DC area, as well as those traveling to the area, who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion. 

  • Planned Parenthood Action Fund: Nonprofit organization that provides reproductive health care in the United States and globally. 


  • Fund Texas Choice: Nonprofit that helps Texans have equitable access to abortions through safe, confidential, and comprehensive travel services and practical support. 


  • West Fund: Nonprofit formed to serve individuals in the West Texas area. West Fund is  100% volunteer-run and 100% donor funded. 


  • Whole Woman’s Health Alliance (Stigma Relief Fund): The Stigma Relief Fund is an abortion fund serving patients in each of the nine Whole Woman’s Health clinics.  The fund provides financial support for those who cannot afford to pay the entire cost of an abortion. 


  • The National Network of Abortion Funds: Builds power with members to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion access by centering people who have abortions and organizing at the intersections of racial, economic, and reproductive justice. 


  • Abortion Care Network (ACN): National association for independent community-based, abortion care providers and their allies. Together we work to ensure the rights of all people to experience respectful, dignified abortion care. 


  • Indigenous Women Rising: Collective committed to honoring Native & Indigenous People’s inherent right to equitable and culturally safe health options through accessible health education, resources, and advocacy. 


  • Jane's Due Process: Nonprofit that believes that everyone has the right to bodily autonomy and should get to make decisions about their own lives — including teens. 


  • The Afiya Center: The only reproductive justice organization in North Texas founded and directed by Black women. They publish yearly reports on Black women’s health, hold summits and events, and are at the forefront of the fight for reproductive health. 


  • National Abortion Federation: Association that unites, represents, serves, and supports abortion providers in delivering patient-centered, evidence- based care. 


  • WRRAP: Nonprofit organization assisting women who are financially unable to pay for safe, legal abortions or emergency contraceptives. 


Frequently asked questions



  • According to the United Nations, forced birth is a crime against humanity


  • Guttmacher Institute: Abortion access fact sheet 


  • PBS: [VIDEO] Exploring the complicated history of abortion in the United States 


  • ABC News: [VIDEO] The history of abortion laws in America 


  • HealthLine: The History of Abortion Rights in the United States 


  • World Health Organization (WHO): Abortion Key Facts, scope of the problem, consequences of inacessible quality abortion care, and expanding quality on abortion care:


  • Planned Parenthood: What facts about abortion do I need to know? Includes explanation of different kinds of abortions, effects of abortion, and more.


  • Provide Care: 17 common questions about abortion, includes, Is abortion safe? Who has abortions? Why do women have abortions? 


  • MedlinePlus: National Library of Medicine, includes a summary of what is abortion, journal articles, and patient handouts to learn more on the topic. 


  • CBS Mornings: [VIDEO] Supporters and opponents of abortion rights have candid discussion on abortion ruling 


  • Texas Tribune article discussing HIPPA and data privacy on abortion prosecutions