San Antonio Artists Sing to Combat COVID-19; Download the Audio and Video Here

San Antonio's "What Will It Take" campaign enlisted local artists to encourage people to do their part to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The campaign features original songs from local performers Alyson Alonzo, Shelly Lares, Santiago Jimenez Jr., Azul Barrientos, Michael Carrillo and Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson. The songs are designed to inspire people to take action to  prevent COVID-19 and are in English and Spanish. Scroll down to click on videos for each artist or go here to download audio and video files and Zoom background images.

“I’m proud to do my part to keep my community safe and healthy from this virus. It takes a clear and pure focus just to bring us through,” said San Antonio Poet Laureate Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson. “Let’s look out for each other because that’s what it takes to restore our lives.”

“Give it some time and give it some space, because that’s what it takes,” sings Alyson Alonzo in her song here.

“It’s my hope that my song inspires the public to do their part to slow the spread of this virus. The Latino community has seen the brunt of the impact of this pandemic and we’ve lost too many lives. It’s time to come together and do our part so that we can have safe holidays again one day,” said musician Azul Barrientos. Watch her song here.

“I wrote an intentionally upbeat song to lift the spirits of everyone having a difficult time right now. So many people have been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another, and it’s important we do what we can to get through this together,” said Michael Carrillo. Watch his song here.

“Hazlo por San Antonio. I want to sing for a crowd again, but we must each do our part by wearing a mask, washing our hands and keeping physical distance from each other,” said Santiago Jimenez, Jr. Watch his song here.

“I’ve been staying home as much as possible to protect my mom at home and now I’m asking San Antonio what it’ll take to celebrate as San Antonio again,” said Shelly Lares. “¿Que tiene que pasar para volver a la normalidad?” Watch her song here.