Give one, take one, San Antonio Public Libraries share warmth for the Winter

By Victoria Villarreal of the San Antonio Public Library

As the temperatures continue to drop in South Texas, the San Antonio Public Library has a new initiative to help those in need.

The Potranco Branch Library is home to the San Antonio Public Library’s first ever “Wall of Warmth.”

Central Library slothing donation station

The “Wall of Warmth,” created by Potranco’s Lisa Leandro, began in October, 2019. After seeing similar ideas across social media, Leandro partnered with fellow Potranco employee, Miranda O’Neill, who regularly hosts the San Antonio Public Library program, “Twisted Stitches” crochet group, to launch the initiative.

“The Twisted Stitches meetup group started with two regular patrons that would join me every other Tuesday,” O’Neill said. “We now have about 5-7 regular patrons that join us every other Tuesday…. My youngest regular is 9 years old.”

These “stitchers” laid the foundation for the “Wall of Warmth” by crocheting and donating their pieces of work. “We’ve had 58 donations and 54 have been picked up,” said Leandro. “We accept any items, even store bought.”

The donations that fill up the wall of warmth are a mixture of crochet creations made by group members of “Twisted Stitches” as well as other items donated by patrons.

Inspired by Potranco’s example, The Central Library downtown is now also accepting donations of hats, gloves, scarves, or socks throughout the winter season at their “Warm & Fuzzy” display on the first floor.

The donation station is equipped with a coat rack for hanging all those warm and fuzzy items to help keep our San Antonio Community warm.

If the coat rack is full, don’t let that deter you! All staff is ready to accept donations as well.

For more information about how you can donate to the Potranco Branch's Wall of Warmth or Central Library’s Warm & Fuzzy initiative, call (210) 207-2500.

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