Students Hunger for the DREAM Act, a Video Documentary Part II

This short documentary follows the plight of a band of University of Texas at San Antonio students who launched a hunger strike last November, urging Congress to pass the DREAM Act.

The strike began at the UTSA on Nov. 10, 2010, when several students announced they were "undocumented and unafraid." The young activists vowed only to consume water and fruit juice for as long as it took.

Within a few weeks, the movement attracted more hunger strikers, and supporters grew by the hundreds, including San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, St. Mary's University President Charles Cotrell, former San Antonio Councilwoman Maria Berriozabal and a Methodist minister, Rev. Lorenza Andrade Smith.

Throughout the 43 days, the group organized a string of events and public meetings in various San Antonio neighborhoods to educate the community and gather support for the DREAM Act.

This documentary includes interviews with the various hunger strikers. They are Felipe Vargas, Pamela Resendiz, Lucina Martinez, Martha Quintanila, My Le, and Claudia Sanchez. There are also comments from San Antonio rock band Girl in a Coma, Inner City development co-director Patti Radle, community radio voice Tommy Calvert Jr., the LULAC National Office and the San Antonio Police Department.


Here's the first part of the documentary in case you missed it.