Video: How Redistricting Works and What it Means to You

New Census data in Texas reveals there will be two new congressional seats based on the growing population of people of color. However, these communities may not be able to benefit from these redistricting lines.

In this video, PBS Political Reporter Daniel Bush goes in depth on this issue, explaining that the legislature only has to meet two basic criteria:

  • The new districts must be the same size and must have about 770,000 voters;
  • They cannot discriminate against voters based on race, color, or ethnicity.

Once the lines are drawn, Bush expects a partisan redistricting fight that will potentially set back the lines until Spring of 2022. Many are wanting more political representation. Judge K.P George of Fort Bend County,Texas said “my county is benefiting from people like me. But when it comes to the seat at the table, we don’t have it.” 

Bush further explains that the population in the Northeastern states are declining while the South and Southeastern states are increasing, making republican areas become more competitive and potentially shifting the landscape.