Webcast: Candidates for Alamo Colleges and Bexar County Sheriff

Submitted by ColtonUnden on November 2, 2020 - 6:04pm

Replay the video to see candidates' answers to questions. You can tap on the question and it will jump tot he spot in he video where they answer. Scroll down to see highlights of answers from the Bexar County Sheriff contenders.

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Highlights from the Bexar Sheriff Debate 

From Sheriff Javier Salazar (D):

  • “We are going to be on the right side of history from the things I have implemented at the Sheriff’s Office.”
  • “We need to look like the community we serve.” 
  • “My opponent has stated he wants to keep the disciplinary process out of the eyes of the public. I disagree with that vehemently.”
  • “If you work in the public sector, when you work in public safety, privacy goes out the window. We have to maintain transparency.”
  • “We are very selective over the people that get into our agency. Over 90% of those who apply do not get in.”
  • “We’ve doubled the number of training hours and we have the longest Detention Academy in the State of Texas.”
  • Emphatic yes to the “Cite and Release” program. Jails “should be for those that are a threat to the community, not low-level crimes” like drugs, etc. 
  • Says he has "doubled programs" within jails to combat recidivism. Says Bexar has a 50% rate compared to the national 70%.
  • "Absolutely" to combating deportations/deportation process by means necessary and refraining from sharing info with ICE.


From Candidate Gerry Rickhoff (R):

  • “We don’t see color, and we recognize the body language as the primary indicator of where the intervention is going to take place and how the interaction is going to take place.”
  • “The staff needs to look like the community they police. We will work very hard to ensure there is equality in the employment process.”
  • “Officers that are policing these areas need to know so many of the people in the community by name. I would challenge officers to take meals with people.”
  • Wants a “European Model” when addressing high incarceration and recidivism.  
  • Wants to follow the State Legislature when it comes to immigration. Says he follows the "rule of law."
  • “I think we should spend more training on ethics and the basic of virtues that we are all vaccinated at our kitchen table with from our parents.”
  • “I agree with the Sheriff, the jail is really in large part a hospital, it’s a treatment center.”
  • Should utilize treatment when needed over incarceration, says it’s the European Model that we should utilize.