Webcast: San Antonio Ballot Propositions

On the Nov. 3 ballot, three propositions (City of San Antonio A and B; Advanced Transportation District A) will give San Antonio voters the opportunity to determine the use of ¼ of 1% of the city’s sales and use tax. The issues involved are complicated and require some time to understand.

You can watch the an Informational Forum on Ballot Propositions to better understand each issue here:

Moderator: Dr. Francine Romero, Chair, Department of Public Administration, UTSA


City of San Antonio Proposition A (Pre-K 4 SA)

  • For: Kate Rogers, Keep Pre-K4SA Campaign Committee
  • Against: Clayton Perry, City Council Representative, District 10

City of San Antonio Proposition B (Workforce Development)

  • For: Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia, City Council Representative, District 4
  • Against: Roberto Treviño, City Council Representative, District 1

Advanced Transportation District Proposition A (Additional Funding)

  • For: Marina Alderete Gavito, USAA, VIA Board of Trustees
  • Against: Clayton Perry, City Council Representative, District 10

League members researched the background information associated with each proposition, interviewed activists on both sides of the issues, and wrote an analysis to help voters understand what’s at stake. The analysis includes the current use of these tax dollars (and some background on how we got here), an explanation of the tax impacts if the propositions are approved or not approved, and For and Against positions for each proposition. The analysis is available at VOTE411.org and the Voters Guide.

Believing that more information means a more informed voter and a deliberate choice when voting rather than a guess, the League also presented the virtual forum “Propositions 411” on the three ballot propositions to further inform the public.