Where do the Candidates Stand on Police Accountability and Proposition B?

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(Learn about Prop B here.)

From COPS/Metro Mayoral Accountability Session

Q: Will you commit to only voting in support of a police contract that does the following:

  • Ensures that the chief can hold officers accountable, 
  • Eliminates the 48-hour preparation period
  • Ensures that the 180-day timeline begins when an officer's supervisor learns of the offense, and
  • Ensures that past offenses can be introduced as evidence in discipline investigations

Ron Nirenberg’s answers: https://youtu.be/qf2AuF3Z1Mc?t=2512

From District 2 Q&A by San Antonio Heron

Q: Do you support or oppose Proposition B, the measure that would repeal police officers’ collective bargaining power and thus the right to negotiate contracts with the city? Explain your position.

Click here to read each candidate’s written response

From the NOWCastSA District 2 Candidate Forum

Q: What is your position on police accountability and the police contract? https://youtu.be/egaqyoy20l0?t=7534

Order of responses:

Dori  Brown

Kristi Villanueva

Jalen McKee-Rodriquez

Norris Tyrone Darden

Walter E. Perry Sr.

Chris Dawkins

Nneka “Miss Neka” Cleaver

Jada Andrews-Sullivan

Pharaoh Clark

Carl Booker: https://youtu.be/egaqyoy20l0?t=8340

From the District 5 Candidate Forum by the Westside Neighborhood Associations Coalition

Q: Do you support the proposition on the ballot regarding police reform accountability and why?

Jason Mata: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3226

Ricardo Moreno: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3267

Norberto “Geremy” Landin: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3343

Marie Crabb: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3413

Anthony Gres: https://youtu.be/Vo8h5CJIG5I?t=3489

From the District 6 Candidate Forum by the Westside Neighborhood Associations Coalition

Q: Do you support the proposition on the ballot regarding police reforms and accountability?

Mellisa Cabello Havrda https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=2948

Robert Hernandez https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=3017

Chris Beacker https://youtu.be/tdcG0gqgz3s?t=3087

From the District 10 Candidate Forum by Northeast Neighborhood Alliance

Q: Are you in support or against Prop A and Prop B and tell us why? https://youtu.be/ppj6fLGO1Ac?t=1093

Ezra Johnson 18:19 26:39

Clayton Perry 21:10 27:41

Gabrinen Gregory 23:58 29:43